Safepac™ Vials

Sterilized ready-to-use glass vials for pharmaceutical use
Patient safety and flexibility
SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Safepac™ vials come in a pre-washed and pre-sterilized ready-to-use (RTU) configuration in highly standardized secondary packaging. The RTU sterile vials are made from gold-standard borosilicate glass, increasing patient safety while maximizing the flexibility of the filling line.

By enabling an easy switch between different vial formats and types, Safepac™ is especially convenient for sequential small-batch production. Since SCHOTT Poonawalla’s packaging options prevent glass-to-glass contact, you can rely on these high-quality glass vials for pharmaceutical use that are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the likelihood of costly rejects.

From small scale flex-fillers with fully nested processing (including nested lyophilization) to large-scale filling lines, Safepac™ vials can be processed on a wide range of new and existing fill-and-finish lines.
	 Four elements of the SCHOTT adaptiQ® system for glass vials

Maximum versatility with Safepac™

With innovative standardized washing and sterilization processes already integrated in the product, Safepac™ enables safe and easy access to high quality glass vials for your commercial filling operation.

Safepac™ maximizes the flexibility between different container formats for clinical fills. This is because different container types and formats can be filled on the same filling line, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Finding the perfect match

Bringing safe and effective drugs to market quickly while keeping costs under control is a daunting task for many pharmaceutical companies. SCHOTT Poonawalla’s high performance materials for secondary packaging components can significantly reduce particle contamination in ready-to-use vials.


Strong compatibility and product standardization

  • Safepac™ vials are compatible with all ISO standard vials.
  • Safepac™ vials by SCHOTT Poonawalla has been developed in collaboration with leading machine suppliers, ensuring that it can be processed on a variety of new and existing filling lines. This means you can choose the best combination of vial, secondary packaging, and filling line for your products and processes.
  • Safepac’s high product standardization is based on ISO 11040-7, alongside other relevant industry standards, including ISO 21882, significantly reducing changeover times.
  • SCHOTT Poonawalla’s superior packaging materials maximize the quality and processability of your product.
Icon ISO Compliant

Compliant with all relevant industry standards to reduce complexity

Icon patient safety

Increased patient safety from minimal particle load, container breakage, and glass-to-glass contact

Icon high quality

Exceptionally reliable solution due to high quality packaging materials


Safepac™ vials - for a safe transport, storage, and filling process

Container material

  • FIOLAX® clear

  • FIOLAX® amber


  • Tray: 2R-100R

  • Cup nest: 2R-50R

  • Clip nest: 2R-30R

Packaging options

  • Tray for bulk fill and finish 

  • Cup/clip nest for fully nested processing, including lyophilization

Quality Level

  • Standard quality

  • CosmetiQ

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