Standard Ampoules

Glass ampoules that are always in line with industry standards
Safe and stable storage from production to administration
With over three million used every hour around the world, glass ampoules are one of the most widely used forms of pharmaceutical packaging. These safe and stable containers, provide rapid and simple access to life-saving drugs for clinicians wherever the location and whatever the situation: in an operating theater, emergency room, or ambulance.

SCHOTT Poonawalla Standard Ampoules are made using FIOLAX® Type I borosilicate glass. This means our sealed glass ampoules offer high chemical resistance and fulfil all hydrolytic resistance specifications, keeping drug-container interaction to a minimum and providing stable storage for pharmaceutical companies.

Our stringent camera-controlled inspections reduce the amount of rejects, while tight tolerances ensure an efficient fill-and-finish process. The break systems for our glass ampoules also support easy-to-open usage. 
  Line of pharmaceutical glass ampoules with different break systems and different forms

The cornerstone of the global drug storage system

Made using Type I borosilicate glass with high chemical resistance according to ISO 9187, SCHOTT Poonawalla`s Standard Ampoules have a crucial role in the safe storage of a vast range of drugs and medications around the world.

  • Anesthetics for local, pre-operative, and sedation for short-term procedures.
  • Emergency drugs, such as medication used to treat anaphylaxis, as well as poison antidotes and anti-seizure drugs.
  • Medications for cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological, and behavioral disorders.
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The power of the correct opening technique

Sealed glass ampoules have been used for more than a century for the secure storage of drugs thanks to its effortless usability. This is due to the ampoule break system, which not only allows easy access to a drug, but also helps to protect patients and health care professionals. A simple break system lowers the risk of injury to both clinician and patient (for example, by decreasing the chance of glass particles getting into a patient's circulatory system).

• The One Point Cut (OPC) break system involves the application of a small cut in the constriction of the ampoule, indicated by a small dot. The OPC system offers a lower break-force range and lower particle generation during ampoule opening.

• The Color Break Ring (CBR) system is formed by applying ceramic enamel and organic oil to the neck of the ampoule after its formation. This produces micro-cracks on the surface which weakens the glass to enable simple and safe opening.

• Scoring (SCO) is the simplest of all break systems and involves a small cut around the constriction of the ampoule, which provides an easy way to open the container.


Reduced particles, Low reject rate, and an outstanding fill-and-finish process

  • SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Standard Ampoules have a broad range of advantages that benefit pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, and patients.
  • Our glass ampoules are hermetically sealed through melting, providing intrinsic Container Closure Integrity (CCI). They deliver an outstanding fill-and-finish process thanks to their highly accurate dimensions and a choice of forms, such as Type B.
  • The high cosmetic quality of our ampoules provides a low reject rate coupled with high inspectability.
  • Made of 100% glass, SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Standard Ampoules are tamper-safe and offer high chemical resistance, as well as excellent extractables and leachables profiles.
  • SCHOTT Poonawalla’s OPC break system ensures tighter and more consistent break-forces.
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ICON Hermetically Sealed

Hermetically sealed for intrinsic Container Closure Integrity (CCI)

ICON 100% Tamper Safe

100% tamper-safe with excellent extractables and leachables profiles

ICON Improved filling

ISO dimensions for handling deliver an outstanding fill-and-finish process


High quality sealed glass ampoules with a wide range of options

  • SCHOTT Poonawalla Standard ampoules offer minimum Cosmetic Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs) – the most relevant industry standard according to the current Defect Evaluation List. They are also aligned with the current PDA Technical Report.
  • A choice of different glass is offered for our ampoules: FIOLAX® clear, and FIOLAX® amber.
  • SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Standard Ampoules are available in a range of formats, from 1-30 ml.
  • Three forms of ampoule are available: B, C and D.
  • We offer a range of packaging options including polypropylene tray and lid, and paper corrugated tray and lid
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