Safepac™ Glass Syringes

Ready-to-use glass prefillable syringes for high-speed fill-and-finish processing
The complete container and injection solution for heparin, small molecule biosimilars, generics, recombinant proteins, and conjugate vaccines.

SCHOTT Poonawalla is one of India’s leading companies offering glass Prefillable syringes (PFS) aligned with global standards. Our in-depth understanding of syringe systems combined with our FIOLAX® glass helps to bridge the gap between vials and syringes.

Safepac™ PFS is made of FIOLAX® type I Borosilicate Glass, the gold standard for glass pharmaceutical packaging. The ready-to-use Safepac™ PFS reduces most drug injection preparation steps to ensure safety and efficiency. Our glass syringes are perfectly tailored to meet specific product requirements, thanks to a variety of closure systems available. 

SCHOTT Poonawalla’s continuous development programs ensure efforts to establish Safepac™ PFS compatibility with most safety devices and autoinjectors and fit the requirements of emerging drug technology platforms and customer-specific projects.


Safe, convenient, and cost effective

Safepac™ PFS ensures safety and convenience for healthcare providers and patients. Our glass syringes portfolio manufactured out of India offer sizes from 0.5ml to 10ml, are ideal for storing and injecting a wide range of molecules, including:

  • Anticoagulants
  • Small molecule biosimilars and generics
  • Tamper evident solutions for oncology 
  • Light sensitive drugs in amber glass PFS
  • Traditional vaccines
  • Diluents

With flexible batch sizes, SafepacTM PFS intends to be preferred choice for swift time to market.


Patient compliance and stable storage

Manufactured using FIOLAX® borosilicate glass with choice of clear & amber tubing, Safepac™ PFS offers a range of benefits such as:

  • Tight dimensional tolerances with 100% camera control for accurate filling and functionality.
  • Precise forming and no glass-to-glass contact manufacturing
  • Delivered in standard nests for easy processing on filling lines.
  • Uniform shelf life for entire PFS kit 
  • A wide portfolio of components, including pre-tested closure systems and plungers, enabling choice to define requirements based on drug compatibility.
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A wide choice of of prefilled glass syringe systems for a range of fill media, volumes, components, and transport condition requirements

icon of the rigid cap

The Rigid Cap (SRC) vaccine closure system is an established standard for a range of patient groups

Icon of syringe

Premium gliding performance and personalized silicone profiles for individual demands


Safepac™ PFS – the ideal glass syringe solution

  • Top quality Type 1 FIOLAX® borosilicate glass container material
  • Volumes range from 0.5-10 ml with a choice of closure systems, including staked needle, Luer Cone, and Luer Lock with (SCHOTT Poonawalla Rigid Cap) SPRC or OVS®*.
  • Available as a complete system with a choice of plungers, plunger rods and backstops.
  • Packaged in a nest with 100 and 160 formats as applicable.
  • 60+ variants in graduation and printing


*OVS® is a registered trademark of Vetter-Pharma International GmbH, Germany
**SPRC is for SCHOTT Poonawalla Rigid Cap


Available ready-to-use and pre-sterilized

SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Safepac PFS are manufactured using the latest production technology. Camera-controlled inspection results in products with low cosmetic defects and high levels of functionality for a smooth fill-and-finish process.

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