Standard Cartridges

Industry-leading glass cartridges
Best container solution for autoinjectors
Many patients need to use medical pens or autoinjectors to self-administer a prescribed drug. StandardLine Cartridges store and deliver precise doses in medical devices, and are ideal for self-administration. This makes the lives of patients who have frequent injections much more comfortable.
Clear glass pharmaceutical cartridge for the storage of drugs
Control and precision for the health care sector

StandardLine Cartridges are designed to provide reliable storage and precise administration of drugs for a wide variety of medical applications. These include:

  • Storing and injecting insulin for the treatment of diabetes using medical pens or autoinjectors.
  • Treating other hormone deficiencies, such as growth disorders. 
  • Injecting local anesthetics by dental clinicians.
Man injecting himself in the stomach with medication using an autoinjector

High chemical resistance and cosmetic quality

Made using FIOLAX® Type I borosilicate glass, StandardLine Cartridges provide strong levels of chemical resistance for high drug stability. This increases a drug’s shelf life to ensure they remain 100% effective when required.

StandardLine Cartridges also offer high levels of cosmetic quality, which increases the precision of geometrical tolerances while reducing the amount of rejects. This results in consistent performance and strong device compatibility.


High geometrical accuracy results in consistent performance and perfect device fit


High cosmetic quality reduces the amount of rejects


Strong chemical resistance delivers high drug stability


Designed for self-administration to increase patient comfort and convenience


Container material, format, quality, and packaging

  • FIOLAX® Type I borosilicate glass container material
  • 1-5 ml choice of format
  • Minimum cosmetic AQLs* according to the current Defect Evaluation List, defined as the most relevant industry standard
  • Packaging options include non-sterile in tray and PP boxes or pre-sterilized and ready-to-use in a nest and tub configuration and tray

*Acceptable Quality Level. The maximum proportion of a defective subset considered acceptable in a sample

Sterile format
Available as ready-to-use
SCHOTT Poonawalla’s StandardLine Cartridges are available pre-washed and pre-sterilized in a ready-to-use (RTU) format. Our cartridges can be processed on a number of different fill-and-finish lines, with cartridges nested throughout the process.
SCHOTT Poonawalla’s StandardLine Cartridges
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