Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC)

Pharmaceutical glass ampoules for reliable protection against drug counterfeiting
An effective safeguard against drug counterfeiting
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 10% of all pharmaceutical products sold globally could be counterfeits. The danger of counterfeit drugs to patients cannot be underestimated, as they introduce the possibility of incorrect or absent active ingredients, as well as the wrong dosages. 

Manufactured by SCHOTT Poonawalla, Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC) play a vital role in protecting patient health and helping pharmaceutical companies tackle the many threats and costs of drug counterfeiting.
Clear glass ampoule with anti-counterfeiting marks

Vital protection for sensitive drugs

Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC) offer a wide range of applications for the health care industry, allowing the safe storage of medicines. These applications include:
  • Painkillers for palliative care
  • Anesthetics used in short health care procedures
  • Medicines for perinatal care and reproductive health

SCHOTT Poonawalla Ampoules AC protect your intellectual property

  • The special ink SCHOTT Poonawalla uses to print the labelled text, OPC dots, and identification rings on our Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC)  act as a mark of authenticity for valuable pharmaceutical products, clearly establishing their origin.
  • This unique proof of authenticity means you can ensure the protection of intellectual property for pharmaceutical products.
  • Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC) help to prevent drug tainting, guaranteeing the protection of the reputation and revenue of pharmaceutical companies.
Icon of intellectual property

Protect your intellectual property

Icon of reputation

Preserve your reputation

Icon of active ingredients and dosage

Guarantee active ingredients and dosage

Icon of time to market

Reduce your time to market


High quality standards in different formats, materials, and forms

  • Ampoules Anti-Counterfeiting (AC) are manufactured according to StandardLine and qualify as high quality (Defect Evaluation List (DEL) 2016).
  • Our pharmaceutical ampoules are available in FIOLAX® clear and FIOLAX® amber.
  • Several formats are available, from 1-30 ml.
  • Choose from a range of forms: B, C or D.
  • The surface ink, with light-emitting particles, is available in a selection of colors.
  • Our glass ampoules are available in a range of packaging options, including a polypropylene tray and lid, and/or polyethylene shrink-wrap
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