A versatile portfolio of medicine vials for injection

Secure storage of liquid drug formulations

SCHOTT Poonawalla’s vials for pharmaceutical use are made from Type I borosilicate glass, which has a high chemical resistance for the secure storage of liquid drug formulations. Their superior cosmetic quality and accurate dimensions offer a secure Container Closure Integrity (CCI) and efficient fill-and-finish process. The improved inner surfaces and tighter geometries of our glass medicine vials, together with the option of inner and outer coatings, mean they are flexible enough to suit a wide range of applications.

High quality glass medicine vials with tight geometries

Our baseline vials are available in two quality levels: Standard and CosmetiQ. Both offer tight geometries thanks to 100% camera inspection, but they are differentiated by their cosmetic quality.
SCHOTT Poonawalla vial in cleanroom

Ensure shelf life stability for sensitive formulations

A dedicated inner surface is often necessary to minimize drug-container interaction due to the sensitivity of a formulation and additional processing steps such as terminal sterilization.

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Improve the efficiency of your fill-and-finish process

Packaging solutions such as SCHOTT Poonawalla Lyo vials can improve the efficiency of fill-and-finish lines, ensuring processes are stable and efficient in order to reliably manufacture life-saving medicines.

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