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For the safe and simple delivery of complex drugs
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Dual Chamber Syringes: Safety and simplicity for sensitive drugs

SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Dual Chamber Prefilled Syringe has the capability to reconstitute and administer sensitive drugs at the point of use, providing medical staff and patients with a safe and simple way to inject highly concentrated drugs.

Complex therapy drug delivery requires precise reconstitution of two separate drugs. These are usually a combination of liquid- lyophilized (freeze-dried) or liquid-liquid applications and must remain separated until before administration.

Dual Chamber Glass PFS are specialized drug delivery devices used for storage and administration of such drugs, their barrier system preventing premature mixing of the drug components, ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical therapies.

Dual Chamber Syringes: Safety and simplicity for sensitive drugs

Stable storage and secure protection

To administer a combination drug typically requires three containers including a syringe for reconstitution and administration.

SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Dual Chamber Syringes combine these containers into a single drug delivery system that allows the drugs to be stored, protected, and reconstituted before being safely and simply delivered to the patient.

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A simple solution for sensitive drugs

Shelf-life stability is one of the main challenges for certain sensitive molecules. SCHOTT Poonawalla’s Dual Chamber Syringe answers this challenge with a safe and effective delivery system.
  • Dual Chamber Syringes feature two chambers separated by a plunger and a bypass that allows two substances to be mixed or reconstituted before administration. This offers an effective delivery solution for sensitive drugs.
  • Dual Chamber Syringes offer greater efficiency in handling and dosage accuracy than separate containers.
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Icon Simple handling

Simple handling: Quick and easy drug preparation

Icon Precise dosage

Precise dosage: Accurate dosing in a range of medical situations

Icon Rapid access

Rapid access: Quick access to life-saving drugs in emergency situations


Premium quality syringes with a range of options

  • Made using FIOLAX® clear and FIOLAX® amber Type I Borosilicate Glass
  • Choice of volumes from 3ml up to 10ml
  • Delivered as sterile in tub and nest packaging
  • Industry-leading Standard Line quality level
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