Form B
1 ml – 30 ml
Form C
1 ml – 30 ml
Form D
1 ml – 30 ml
1 ml –10 ml
SCHOTT POONAWALLA Ampoules – From Standardized to Customized Quality Options

With the ever-increasing focus on therapy costs in the healthcare sector, fast and easy processing of primary packaging containers is regarded as one of the key contributions for a total cost of ownership optimization. The outstanding dimensional quality of SCHOTT POONAWALLA Ampoules enables fill+finish performance.

A broad range of container geometries, quality levels and controlled surface chemistry enable us to tailor the primary packaging solution to your specific needs. SCHOTT POONAWALLA Ampoules are manufactured and packed in environmentally controlled areas certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 15378* international standards.
Easy handling at point of use
  • Several colour rings can be placed on the stem OR body for identification purposes
  • Different break systems available such as One Point Cut (OPC), Scoring (SCO), Colour Break Ring (CBR)
  • Effortless and safe ampoules opening due to narrow break force tolerances
SCHOTT POONAWALLA Ammonium Sulphate Treated Ampoules
  • International standards for surface hydrolytic resistance limits are in place (ISO/Pharmacopoeia), but may not be sufficient for particularly sensitive products (proteins, enzymes, etc.)
  • Ammonium Sulphate as a treatment solution, is one of the strategies to reduce this side effect of glass conversion.
  • SCHOTT POONAWALLA offers ammonium sulphate treated Ampouless which are manufactured on fully automated European lines using on-line dosing pump systems.
  • The dosage concentration and volume is controlled and monitored by SCHOTT POONAWALLA
SCHOTT POONAWALLA Customization Options
  • Printing
  • Sulphate treated
  • One Point Cut (OPC)
  • Colour Break Ring
  • Scoring
  • Up to three identification bands available
  • Available in clear glass or amber glass
* Jambusar Facility